Where to start on a blogging journey

23 Feb

Old notebooksIf my blogging history was inspected the conclusion would be the same as it is for many would-be bloggers on the web, “Well that was nice… but obviously they just aren’t dedicated to this.” And in many ways that would be a very accurate way to categorize my past blogging attempts.  Floating out in the midst of cyberspace exist more than a couple of failed blogs started with the best of intentions but all abandoned within mere months of creation.

Its good to keep in mind that this is not a characteristic unique to only myself. Many, many people out there feel great amounts of ambition when creating a new blog but are quickly discouraged by technical difficulties, writers block or sometimes even boredom. While the impulse may be to hide in shame of your past blogging failures, in actuality nothing good comes of this. A much more productive and rewarding road to take is to embrace your past bloopers, love them as the learning experiences they were and allow them to pass peacefully into the oblivion of your online memory.

To help clear the air of blog skeletons in the closet I’m sharing for all to see my past blog failures and ongoing projects (the blogging success of which is still to be determined).

Some of these items are obviously experimental in nature and simply nothing more than an attempt to gain greater knowledge of the medium – I do not suggest this methodology to others. What then, you may say to yourself, is the best way to go about starting a blog? The key to a successful blogging journey lies exactly in the place that we find fault in both our own blogging attempts as well as the blogs of others. Consistency!

Sure its wonderful to be passionate about your blog topic but for many of us passions come and go – and much like a solid marriage, a stable blog cannot be built on passion alone. You need to feel prepared to give your blog commitment and consistency. Know that your blog topic will always be forefront in your life regardless of what may change about your circumstance. Know that you have the time to write. This alone is no small feat for many of us; between work, family and all those other obligations that seem to creep into a schedule, the time to properly draft, edit and promote blog posts might just not be there. Lastly, understand that like most things in life blogging can have great rewards if done well, but doing things well means putting in work. If you want a good blog you will have to work at it – blogging may be fun, but its not always fun. None of the difficulties around blogging are an attempt to discourage new bloggers – they can all be dealt with and the blogging experience can be a very positive one.

At the end of the day, the key to starting your blogging journey is the same as starting any other journey. Prepare yourself. Embrace your past and use your experiences to create a personal course that will promote your success. Remember your blogging goals and be willing to put the work into your blog that it deserves from you.


4 Responses to “Where to start on a blogging journey”

  1. A.S. Miller February 24, 2011 at 5:50 am #

    Hi Breanna – I totally have the same problem with starting blogs and just dropping them after a few months! I lose a sense of purpose, become guilty about wasting so much time online and go back to hiding my computer under the couch. And it’s great that you are airing your ‘blog skeletons’ 😀 Thanks for all the helpful tips too, looking forward to reading your stuff this semester!

  2. taniesharjourn65 February 24, 2011 at 10:30 pm #

    Well if you’ve had blogs that have failed you in the best, not this one. By the first sentence I was already engaged and ready to read more. I am new to this whole blogging scene, so when you say “Many, many people out there feel great amounts of ambition when creating a new blog but are quickly discouraged by technical difficulties, writers block or sometimes even boredom.” I fall into that bubble. I also fall into the bubble of publishing a mediocre blog, and having people question my “want” and “love” for writing. Great blog, I’ll be looking forward to what more you post.

  3. sharisax February 27, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    Clever idea, Bre, to share the past . . . so we can all learn. Lots of people want to post whatever they want on this Journ65 blog, and as long as it is appropriate to the week’s assignment, that will be great.

    The really cool thing is, that it is YOUR content, and you can certainly take it on start a whole new personal blog. I’m excited to see what you have learned and your new direction.


  1. Notes on Writers Block « Breanna's Journ65 Blog - April 3, 2011

    […] to success with social media is creating content consistently. This was actually the basis of my first post to this blog. Ofcourse at some point almost everyone will come across a tiny bit of writers block. […]

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