News Relevancy of Social Media

25 Feb

I do not own a television. In fact its been years since I’ve owned a television. I can’t say it was a deliberate choice really, it happened during a move when we decided to change our internet service to a local company (unwired ltd) and it was just too much of a bother to order cable from a separate provider. After a few months there was really very little about it that we missed. Movies came from netflix, and even with a billion different channels there was nothing ever on tv. This was the general sentiment in the house until we realized the one thing we were missing from out old television set… news. Most of our tv viewing centered around the news (CNN, CSPAN, CSPAN2) and we really missed those things. Three months in we felt out of touch with the outside world. We almost caved and ordered cable service once again but every time we started looking into it all the aspects of television we disliked came right back to the forefront of our minds.

newspaperFor a while we started reading newpapers. Yes, while most people were abandoning them – I was just starting to use them for the first time. My only real objection to the paper was from an environmental standpoint.

Then that precious day came when it dawned on me that google reader could be used for more then just work. I love my reader and find it an essential part of staying up-to-date on software releases and other related geeky things. And once the NPR feed was added it became my new best friend.

This morning check-in to my reader became the status-quo for a couple of years, it was such a large part of my life that I even blogged about it. It wasn’t until recently that I was enlightened to the use of twitter as a viable news outlet. While I’m still not sure of the validity of taking in large amounts of data in very short segments (160 characters or less), it does make for a nice length to include a title and article link.

So once again the progress of open technology with accessible APIs has won out over a cable subscription that now offers little more than dramatized versions of what news should be.


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