The Face of the News

28 Apr

Way back when news was presented as a collection of small stories compiled into a portable paper. Before that, it was mostly shouted through the streets or passed from person to person by story telling. Now, the news can be found everywhere – available on computers, phones, and tablets; by radio or television; and even displayed on the large monitors at Starbucks.

With the onset of the news being available almost anywhere to almost anyone they topic of conversation is no longer how or where to get the news but rather what is the best way to present and receive news. In the past I’ve written about various methods of news aggregation and for the most part I really like these for my day to day news intake; however, other social media solutions can provide amazing and specialized news distribution methods.

Facebook is the best example of a site that has come to be a pivotal source for news gathering and dissemination. The core of facebook is communication and connection with friends and family – this hints to the early days of news when it was spread from person to person by word of mouth. In many ways facebook has become the source for hyperlocal relevant news from and for those you care about most.


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