It Starts and Ends with A Call

5 May

It was almost poetic when I received news of the death of Osama Bin Laden. My mother rang at almost 9pm, which is much later than I normally answer the phone but on a whim I decided to risk waking the sleeping babies and pick up. Her immediate words were, “have you heard?” She then went into a quick synapsis of the situation, explaining that there had been a raid adn Osama had been killed. She went on to say that she read about it on facebook and then turned on the tv and was watching the news coverage. She called us because she new we didn’t have a tv, and with the babies and work computer use for enjoyment purposes (like social networking) is limited at best.

I quickly went to reading updates on twitter, NPR and facebook of the event’s news as it poured in. I thought it was an interesting note that while my husband and I may be the most tech-attached people I know yet our first line of news came via telephone. After further reflection I remembered that it was the same method in which I learned of the Sept. 11th attacks 9 years previous. Early in the morning I was getting ready for school and received a call from my best friend asking me, “have you heard?” as she sobbed.

There is something to be taken away from this connection of events and spread of the first news. Maybe news isn’t about just the immediate sharing of facts, maybe when it comes to word of events that have profound impact on our world there is a more personal connection that should come with it. A facebook posting may provide all the facts that you need to feel informed about a story but the sound in another human beings voice when they deliver that story says a lot that words in print leave out.


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