Social Media as News: [SOLVED]

26 Feb

feedsquaresAt last the best of social media has been combined with the best of rss/atom feed capabilities and formatted in a comfy-cozy way that reminds us of the good ol’ days of newspapers. is an alpha release product that may just revolutionize the way news is read online.

I recently mused over the role of social media as a way of promoting access to news. My own preference has settled into the use of yoono for viewing twitter feeds and feedsquares for rss data. After trying many, many options I settled on these two for a couple of key reasons:

  • Yoono – was great from the start, had no learning curb, came with integration to chrome and firefox for easy viewing and after creating an account saves all my preferences.
  • Feedsquares – this gains major points for the pretty factor, the UI is great and considerably more accessible then standard readers. The extra benefits of a chrome extension and easy use made me fall head over heels for this app.

Now, I suspect that will be the next addition to my lovely news resources. It may be nice to go to the, or even but why do that when you can follow all three on twitter, specify lists for the aspects of each you paperhave interest in and generate a paper-like format of all three specified to meet the things you care about and leave the rest behind. With this capability proves itself to be a powerful tool that may easily become a daily part of everyones life.

The downside? Since the app is currently in an Alpha release features are at a minimum, support is limited (though the team is very responsive) and my big one… no chrome extension yet. However, I expect that all of these things will be handled as the site grows.

My suggestion… get on the bandwagon with this new app! There are many benefits of being an early adopter, you get influence in the future of development and can help tailor this site to suit your every desire when it comes to news aggregation.


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